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Wireless Intercom
Clear-Com BP850 Beltpack

BP850 Beltpack Higlights
•PDA interface provides a convenient method to configure beltpack frequencies and functions through a built-in IrDA port using a Palm-OS PDA and PDA850 Tools.
•Beltpac controls are configurable for multiple transmit modes. Separate talk buttons for each channel can be configured for "push-to-talk" or "push-to-enable" operation. Buttons not configured for transmitter control can be configured for party-line selection, paging, ISO, alert and call functions.
•Individual volume controls allow beltpack users to adjust and mute the volume. The MASTER and Auxiliary Volume Controls provide a push-to-mute function so you can temporarily mute a channel while keeping previous volume settings.
•Dual-channel access allows users to choose from two hardwired intercom channels. Simultaneous dual-channel access is obtained using the optional 2nd receiver module.
•Alert and Page Relay Closures allow you to remotely control external devices from the beltpack.
•Channel lockout enables multiple beltpack users to share the same operating frequency and automatically disable a beltpack’s ability to transmit if another user is already transmitting on that frequency.
•Low battery alert informs the user through the headset and base station that the beltpack batteries are low.
•Versatile headset connector allows use of standard 4-pin male connector or field-install of a 4-pin or 5-pin female XLR connector. The beltpack auto-detects the microphone type.
•Detachable antennas with strong, threaded connectors make storage and shipping easy.
•Auxiliary audio input allows a separate audio source, such as an IFB receiver, to be heard through the beltpack headset and controlled by the beltpack volume controls.
•LED blackout mode enables crew members to work on a darkened stage without tell-tale lights being visible to the audience.
•Automatic status reporting to base keeps the technical crew informed of the battery condition and which users are talking.

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