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Clear-Com Eclipse HX-Median

The Eclipse HX-Median is a 6RU frame that houses 2 CPU, 7 interface card and 8 interface module slots, uniquely designed for outside broadcast vehicles, mobile flight-case systems, or any production environment where rack space is limited. Up to 15 Eclipse HX matrices can be connected to form a single networked platform. Up to 64 Eclipse HX matrices can be connected to form a single networked installation.

Powered by the Eclipse HX Configuration Software (EHX), Eclipse HX-Median offers high system performance and an intuitive user interface for simple operations.

NEW in Version 8.0 (Available Now)
• Built-in multi-channel audio using the Ethernet/IP interface on all V-Series Panels
• Each V-Series panel supports up to 3 audio channels: 1 Intercom, 2 Auxiliary audio channels
• Both Auxiliary channels have associated GPIO's for partyline and 2-way radio interfacing
• V-Series channels are G.722 encoded to provide 7 KHz bandwidth audio
• Channels are fully integrated into the V-Series audio mixer
• VOX detection, VOX gating, I/O level adjustment, IFB, Logic Control on all V-Series channels
• Supports FreeSpeak II Wireless via the E-QUE-HX Interface card in Integra Mode (FreeSpeak II Integra)
• FreeSpeak II Integra Capability:
- Integrated support for FreeSpeak II beltpacks
- E-QUE-HX Interface card provides support for up to 10 FreeSpeak II antennas via antenna splitters
- Antennas are connected via 2 ports connected to locally powered remote antenna splitters

Eclipse HX-Median Features:
• 6RU Card Frame with passive back-plane, 7 interface and 8 interface module slots.
• Up to 448 internal ports
• Dual-redundant CPU-HX fitted
• Dual-redundant power supplies fitted
• Expandable to become a multi-frame system with redundant non-blocking fiber
• Intelligent trucking between systems over telecom lines (T1, E1), Analog lines, Ethernet/IP or MADI
• Seamless integration with FreeSpeak/CellCom Integra and Concert (forms a Hybrid Network)
• Compatible with V-Series and I-Series panels

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