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Matrix Intercom
Clear-Com Eclipse HX-Omega

Eclipse HX-Omega is the most advanced and highest density digital matrix system on the market, offering up to 460 ports (using combinations of 64-channel MADI cards, 32 port IP/Integra cards and 16 port MVX-A16 RJ-45 cards) over 15 interface card slots in a 6RU chassis. Each of the 15 slots can house one interface card. Multiple types of Interface card are available for different applications. The MVX-A16 Interface card, for example, provides full-duplex connections with panels, external lines, and interfaces to other matrix systems. External interface modules are connected using external 1RU and 3RU IMF frames, leaving all 15 slots available for port and interface cards. Up to 64 Eclipse HX matrices can be connected to form a single networked installation.

Powered by the Eclipse HX Configuration Software (EHX), Eclipse HX-Omega offers high system performance and an intuitive user interface for simple operations.

NEW in Version 8.0 (Available Now)
• Built-in multi-channel audio using the Ethernet/IP interface on all V-Series Panels
• Each V-Series panel supports up to 3 audio channels: 1 Intercom, 2 Auxiliary audio channels
• Both Auxiliary channels have associated GPIO's for partyline and 2-way radio interfacing
• V-Series channels are G.722 encoded to provide 7 KHz bandwidth audio
• Channels are fully integrated into the V-Series audio mixer
• VOX detection, VOX gating, I/O level adjustment, IFB, Logic Control on all V-Series channels
• Supports FreeSpeak II Wireless via the E-QUE-HX Interface card in Integra Mode (FreeSpeak II Integra)
• FreeSpeak II Integra Capability:
- Integrated support for FreeSpeak II beltpacks
- E-QUE-HX Interface card provides support for up to 10 FreeSpeak II antennas via antenna splitters
- Antennas are connected via 2 ports connected to locally powered remote antenna splitters

Eclipse HX-Omega Features:
• 6RU Card Frame with passive back-plane and 15 interface card slots
• Up to 460 internal ports
• Dual-redundant processors, CPU-HX fitted
• Dual-redundant PS-208 power supplies fitted
• Expandable to become a multi-frame system with redundant non-blocking fiber
• Intelligent trunking system over telecom lines (T1, E1), Analog lines, Ethernet/IP or MADI
• Seamless integration with FreeSpeak/CellCom Integra and Concert (forms a Hybrid Network)
• Compatible with V-Series and I-Series panels

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