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Clear-Com Eclipse HX-PiCo

Each Eclipse HX-PiCo provides up to 36 analog ports (32 ports include an RS-422) for high-quality full-duplex communications in a compact 1RU form. This system is ideal for communication needs in small to mid-size production environments such as OB vans, studio and sports facilities. Built-in display module and menu system enables quick and easy changes to input/output levels, routes and configurations.

The new fully-featured, PiCo-Link, intelligently links audio between co-located Eclipse HX-PiCo frames to expand your resources to 72 non-blocking ports in just 2RUs.

Each Eclipse HX-PiCo has two power supplies for fail-safe redundancy and eight on-board general purpose inputs and outputs. It supports V-Series control keypanels, I-Series control keypanels, and all IMF interface modules including the AES Co-Ax for external panels.
Powered by the Eclipse HX Configuration Software (EHX), Eclipse HX-PiCo offers high system performance and an intuitive user interface for simple operations.


• User menu for I/O levels, routing and status
• Intelligent trunk linking
• Seamless interfacing with Clear-Com IMF modules
• DTMF inward access and outward dialing
• 4 on-board configurations selectable by front menu
• Individual level control adjustments
• PiCo-Link, intelligently links audio between co-located Eclipse HX-PiCo frames (up to 72 non-blocking ports injust 2RUs)

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