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Clear-Com EHX Configuration Software

EHX Version 7.1 software significantly improves user experience. Built-in automation, pre-set factory configuration, and intuitive hardware discovery drastically enhance the out-of-box start-up experience. Now, with the new EHX V7.1, many software improvements have been added to empower users to make more dynamic system changes.

New Features in EHX Version 7.1:
• Faster software algorithms to enable non-disruptive real-time system-wide updates
• Save time with simplified user interface for the setup of matrix cards and ports
• Restrict access and prevent training errors with System Access Control
• Have confidence in the programming using the new Resource Chart to display the users configuration limits as a tabular list
• Easily-identifiable color tallies for IFB, phone lines, 4-wire, and partyline assigned keys (Applies to V-Series Rotary Panels only)
• Configure a network of up to 64 matrices and 20,000+ audio ports
• Highlighted off-normal crosspoint levels
• New Online Help

Additional EHX Features:
• Automatic setup of initial configuration by hardware discovery and default factory configuration
• Configuration upload from frames
• Real-time key assignment routes, IFB and partyline routing
• Centrally set global and local IFB operations
• Programmable and real-time V-Series Panel audio routing-mixing
• DTMF dial tone inward access
• Activation of relays, routes, and DTMF sequences via controls
• Global label based key latch disable
• Configuration of frame and panel relay controls
• Port I/O audio level control
• Centrally set local and global ISO routes
• 8 programmable pages on a V-Series panel
• 4 configuration maps onboard system configuration card
• Intelligent linking (analog and digital trunks over 4-wires, E1, T1, Dark Fiber, or MADI)
• Hardware graphical diagnostics and reporting
• Event and status logging
• Logic Maestro for graphical logic control programming (Now bundled with EHX Configuration Software)
• CellCom/FreeSpeak Integra Digital Wireless beltpack configuration

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