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The pan and tilt fluid drag controls make it easy to adjust the head from low to high torque, to provide the smooth, high quality movement needed for calm, clear camera work. Furthermore, the cam/spring Perfect Counterbalance System eliminates any stress during tilts.

The tilt fluid drag torque adjustment does not cause any change in balance, and makes this head extremely easy to use. The SH90 has gone through a rigorous performance and reliability testing to ensure that it meets the demands of the strictest professional in any type of situation. Designed as a multipurpose head, suitable for news, documentary, drama, and live sports work, the SH90 is one of our premier ENG/EFP pan and tilt heads.

The SH90 has two sister models. The SH100 is designed for ENG camcorders, while the SH120 is targeted at EFP format cameras. The two models feature match the core specifications of the SH90, except for the balance range supported.

- Max Payload = 15kg/33.1lbs
- Optimum Payload = 6kg-13kg/13.2lbs-28.6lbs
- Pan Range = 360°
- Tilt Range = +75°/ -60°
- Counterbalance = Continuously adjustable perfect counterbalance
- Pan & Tilt Fluid Drag Control = High quality drag system
- Camera Fixing = Two-direction sliding quick-release plate with two 3/8" screws
- Pan Bar = One telescopic pan bar (PBR100) included
- Ball Diameter = 100mm/3.9"
- Level = Luminescent (button battery included)
- Dimensions = 140x185x275mm (5.5" x 7.3" x 10.8")
- Weight = 3.8kg/8.4lbs

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